Practice Areas:


For Foreigners and Overseas Filipino Workers:

Philippine Visa Application For Foreign Spouse

Land and Real Ownership in the Philippines for Foreigners and Overseas Filipino Workers

Business and Corporation ownership for Foreigners and Non-Resident Filipinos

Court and Administrative Cases in the Philippines involving Foreigners and Non-Resident Filipinos (OFW)

Contracts, Agreements, Notary and Apostille Certification

Foreign Divorce and Marriage

Fraud and Money Cases

Corporate and Investment Cases


For Filipino Citizen:

Out-Of-Court Legal Assistance

Notary of documents and Apostille Certification
Change of Name/ Corection of Entries in Birth Certificate
Extrajudicial Settlement of Estates, Taxes
Sale of Land/ Real Property, lease
Corporation, Business, Taxes
Retained lawyers for business
Affidavits and Agreements

Judicial Legal Assistance

Labor Cases
Civil Cases
Annulment, nullity, Foreign Divorce, Support, and Family cases
Corporate Cases
Land Ownership, Disputes and Cases
Collection of Sum of Money, debts

Location of JOANNA Law Office

Our law Office is located in Baguio City, Philippines near tourist areas such as Botanical Garden and Wright Park. we are also located near government offices such as Securities and Exchange Commisson (SEC), Land Transportation Office (LTO), National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). Nearby landmark includes St. Joseph Church, Baguio City.

Baguio City Law Office – We are open from Tuesday to Saturday and during special appointments. We can conduct legal advice and assistance through phone calls, messaging, email, and other means of communications available to both client and lawyer.